The GOTD Optometrist - Introduction

The GOTD Optometrist

Hi Everyone and welcome to my blog. My name is Shivani, and as well as being a co-founder of GOTD Eyewear, I'm also an Optometrist. I graduated from the University of Manchester in 2011, and currently practice as a locum Optometrist. My hobbies include cooking, long walks in the countryside and fashion.

My love for fashion is what initially gave me the idea to create an eyewear brand. As a glasses wearer myself I often struggle to find eyewear that compliments my fashion choices. Your glasses may be a necessity, but they can also be a fashion accessory. The handbag or watch you bought last week more than likely reflect your unique fashion taste, and so should your glasses...Your OOTD needs it's own GOTD!

 I've tried to incorporate my knowledge of prescription and dispensing with my love for fashion to create a brand I hope you'll all love!

Contact Me

Those of you who already follow GOTD on Facebook and Instagram may have already seen my weekly eye health tips. Feel free to message me via any of the social media portals, or email me at info@gotd.co.uk. Whether your question is about glasses or eyecare, I'm here to help!


Shivani x 

My Glasses of The Day are the 'Ila' Frame - Quirky yet Classy