The GOTD Optometrist

Hi Everyone and welcome to Glasses of The Day. My name is Shivani, and as well as being a co-founder of GOTD Eyewear, I'm also an Optometrist. I graduated from the University of Manchester in 2011, and currently look after patients in various practices around the West Midlands. My hobbies include cooking, long walks in the countryside and fashion.

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Struggling to decide which glasses are right for you? Need more information about the available lens options? Any question you have, big or small, it's my job to look after your eye care needs. Just as I serve my patients daily in practice, I'm here to serve the growing demand of patients who prefer to shop online. As an Optometrist, I can:

  • Assess whether a frame will be suitable for your face shape

  • Discuss the lens options that you require based on your lifestyle and prescription

  • Provide ongoing aftercare even after purchase

To schedule a live video consultation, send me a message with your availability and you'll be just a click away from speaking to an Optician from the comfort of your own home. 

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